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What a great week it’s been

Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on November 5, 2009

This week’s been amazing so far. A few days ago I stopped by the amazing and world-famous Mons Venus in Tampa, FL. This place is the shit and a fun place to hang out at for men or women (thanks Joe Redner). when I think about the shit I told those bitches and the stuff I did to them I laugh my ass off, but unfortunately for you I can’t share the details. Going to this place is one of the only things that can totally cheer me up for at least a few days.

 I’ve been thinking about doing some volunteer work for the past few days just because I am such a wonderful giving person. I think part of the reason for me being so pumped up this week is that I’ve kept myself busy with a lot of crap. In the next few months I’m probably moving to a new city and that always scares me a bit, but at the same time it is quite exciting.

oh I forgot to talk about my Halloween experience this year. Well, I went to a block party at one of these college bars. The parking lot was just packed!! The line was so long and slow that I almost gave up going to this bar, and then the fire marshal showed up and said the bar is too crowded to allow admission to more people. Of course that kindda thing can almost never stop me. So, I left the line and started circling the area to see an opening to this parking lot/bar party and sure enough I come across this cool security guard standing in the back of the lot watching the outer gate. I went up to him and I put on my special charm (I get it from my dad). I told him I had installed a pussy magnet in my pants (thanks Borat) and that I needed to get in to the bar. oh man it’s amazing what a little bit of alcohol can do for you!! The guy was like show me the pussy magnet and you are in (Translation: Give me the cash and you are in). Of course I wasn’t going to pay up for myself and my cheap friends, so I told him I’ll be back and kept on circling till I found another opening. There was a little opening between the bar and the barricade that they had set up outside of the bar for the Halloween occasion, and there was another security guard (busy man) guarding that opening and the adjacent door to the club. I set myself up and as soon as the guard turned around to look inside the bar. I managed to get myself through the little opening (about 2ft. away from the guy) and stood right behind him next to a few girls that were standing out there. He was a cool cat, he was like did you just come through the opening and I turned to him with this confident/drunk look on my face and said “No!! sir!!” So he turned to one of the girls and asked her if she saw me coming in. She said “I didn’t see anything” and I was quick to jump in and say “she is fucking drunk, she doesn’t remember anything anyway, why would you ask her???”  So, he being the nice guy said whatever and went back to minding his own business. In the mean time I walked away from the incident area with this huge smile on my face. At this point they were allowing more people to come in, so I went up to the bouncer standing at the door and told him, hey buddy can you let my friend cut on front of the line to meet up with me? The guy was obviously very frustrated with his job at the moment and threatened to kick me out, but magically my friend managed to cut on front of the line and we both happily got in. Although I didn’t pay the cover. The rest of the night was just average, listened to some live bands…


Holiday Season

Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on October 29, 2009

The holiday season is here with its wonderful events and great memories. Family and friends gathering up, wearing customs, buying presents, getting together for thanksgiving…

Actually, I fucking hate the holiday season. I feel more fucked up and left out during the holiday season than any other time in the year. Last year’s holiday season was ok, I spent it with my family, but almost every other year I’ve had shitty holidays. I think this is going to be another shitty holiday for me unless if a christmas miracle happens and that kindda thing only happens to wonderful people who have accepted jesus christ as their personal savior.

Did I mention that I picked up a cold? I was out drinking with a friend this past weekend, and I guess somehow I picked up a cold. Some amazing stuff happened too (shitty stuff), but I’d rather not talk about ’em.

 yeah, so as if the cold, the headaches, and the runny nose wasn’t enough, I woke up last night with this muscle pain in my neck. I walked around a little bit and went back to bed after a little while. Then, while I was totally asleep, I woke up with this EXTREME pain in my left leg (muscle cramps). I’ve been dealing with these muscle cramps for years. I remember a few months back I had the same exact muscle cramp in the middle of the night, and I was like what the fuck just happened? Did I get bitten by something? a snake perhaps? and I was paralyzed for a few minutes. This time around I managed to get over it fairly quickly, but I can’t still walk normal and my leg feels like it had a “leg attack” and is totally sore.

The amazing thing about these physical pains is that I rather deal with the physical pain than the mental pain… I really do. Unfortunately, when I get sick, I become so fucked up that the mental pain kicks in at the same time and makes me totally miserable. As I’ve said before, mental pain caused by loneliness causes physical pain. Like Adamski, Seal, and ATB said it best… “It’s the loneliness, that’s the killer!”