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Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on November 25, 2009

I’m expecting a few big changes in my life in the next few months. Hopefully things get a bit better. Although, I’ve been quite active, doing different things to have a little fun on the side. I had invitations to 2 different Thanksgiving parties, but one of them was somewhat un-practical and the other one was going to be one of those family parties that you only know one person and can become quite awkward or whatnot. So, I decided to stay at home and perhaps save a poor turkey. These poor bastards are victims of genocide if you ask me. For this “special” holiday thousands or even millions of these poor bastards are slaughtered to overfill our hungry stomaches for a day or two.

I wish I could provide more details and information about the stuff I’ve been doing or some fascinating stuff I’ve been hearing from my circles, but anonymity is very important to me. A while back when I had the ear infection, I went to see a doctor and they asked me to fill out a questionnaire that was asking about depression and stuff. I totally denied having any signs of depression just because I don’t want special attention. These days I don’t have the symptoms as much, but I’m totally wounded deep inside. So sad inside that I can effortlessly start crying in seconds…


What is Depression?

Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on October 13, 2009

They say depression is caused by chemical imbalance in your brain. Well, they are fucking idiots because in my case at least, my depression is not the cause. Depression is the consequence of me being through as much shit as I have been. These goddamn doctors and psychologists need to seriously take their heads out of their asses and report the facts. Facts about life and today’s societies as the main reasons for depression. Stop blaming the hormones or chemicals!! Your body just reacts to what you are being put through; there’s nothing wrong with you if you have depression. Look around you and may see the source of the problem!!


Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on October 11, 2009

My ear’s been much better in the past few days, and at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. I managed to go to the gym a few times this week, which was nice and very much needed. Other than that, I stayed at home for the most part and stayed away from Florida heat and its stupid rain/thunder storms. I did feel really depressed this week…much worse than usual.

Ear Infection

Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on October 1, 2009

So, my good old ear infection is back, and I’ve become more miserable than ever. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t speak, I can’t go to the gym, my neck and shoulders hurt, and I can’t do anything. Every once in a while I hear some kind of noise, and then I wonder if the noise is coming from the inside of my ear or if it’s an actual noise from something else. Today I spent most of the day in bed trying to just lay down and relax hoping that this thing would just go away on its own, but now I’m more neurotic, sad, and depressed than ever.

Alright, I’m gonna go look for some dumb youtube video to cheer myself up.