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Posted in Uncategorized by feelingdead on September 28, 2009

So, I haven’t blogged for a few days. Not out of laziness, it’s just that there wasn’t anything to write about. I watched Surrogates just the other day, and it turned out to be another one of those cheesy, teenage type, predictable movies. The story was somewhat interesting, but it wasn’t mature enough to challenge the audience. You normally notice this kind of thing when you are sitting in a movie theater with a bunch of idiots that talk and make noises every time something happens in the movie. The fact that idiots enjoy the stuff, says a lot about the movie. Although, I don’t wanna be too harsh on the movie because it wasn’t as bad as movies like Spiderman (all 3) or Iron Man…

My philosophy on movies is that, if a product, a movie is of great quality, I’m a fan regardless of its genre (in most cases). So, if I’m watching a comedy that’s supposed to be goofy and dumb, it better deliver. Or if a movie is supposed to be smart and cutting edge, it better be like that or else what’s the point of watching something fake?? I guess, what ruins a movie for me is that I understand how Hollywood works. Some genre, topic, actors or whatever becomes the hot new thing and the movie studios start throwing money at it. Like in the past few years, these super hero type movies have had some success, so now you see all kinds of super hero crap. Some are good, most are shit. Or a movie comes out like “the 40 year old virgin” and has a little success, a good movie. Then, every single one of the actors in that movie become famous and start making other shitty movies that are supposed to be funny, but they really aren’t. The only funny parts of such movies are found in their previews and the rest is just crap. The thing is, movies are works of art. What makes a great painting great is the fact that the painter has put a lot of hard work and his soul into that piece of art. The painter doesn’t do it for the money in most cases. A lot of great artists are known to be poor and become famous after their death. A movie loses its value when it’s made for the sole purpose of making money and lacks those artistic attributes. Same thing is true for music, when an artist releases shit just to stay on top charts, you can tell by the quality of their music. Their shit gets hot for a few weeks, and then goes away for good. At the same time, there is music out there that’s been around since 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s and still holds its power to move people.


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